Catch Phrase Daily – Domain name and website

Here’s This one is cool and has alot of potential. Runs almost totally automatically. Every night at midnight the system selects one article featuring one Catch Phrase, Word or Slogan and reposts it. Perfect for the WordSmith, grammar teacher, writer or educator. This one could promote most any commercial enterprise. $400.00 includes this domain name transferred to you and three months of

We have a few prebuilt pages ready to go is one example and is ready to go. $300.00 gets you the site and it’s set up to work with the eBay Partner Network. Yeah, it’s already ‘monetized’ and waiting for you to promote it.

Comes with the domain name and three months of web hosting plus 6 months of our trouble-free maintenance. Just add your ‘Rover Code’ from eBay and let ‘er roll. Market your own items there to earn even more.